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Beautiful than you are

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Now i am trying to translate one the best song of Duman. It’s one of the best music group in Turkey. And the name of the song is “Senden Daha Güzel/Beautiful Than YouAre“. With my not well(bad) English i am doing some stuff. Here is the songs lyrics in English hope it will be understandable. In this post you can find it’s Turkish version and also the video from a concert.

Beautiful Than You are

I didn’t see anyone
Beautiful than you are
I didn’t know anyone
Special than you are
I didn’t look anyone
Passed through my mind
I didn’t know anyone
Beautiful than you are

From where i lighted on to you
I become a slipshod
I kept my self to you
Beautiful than you are
I didn’t care anyone
I won’t change even i die
I didn’t know anyone
Beautiful than you are

Two movies that i lastly watched

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Yeah i like watching movies very much. Last two days i watched two movies that one of my friend told me. They are Before Sunrise(1995) and Before Sunset(2004) and yeah they are connected to each other. I wacthed them yeah but in English totaly and missed some points i know. But they are great you can easily see the connection between two people who met just in the morning in a train and be together for one day and a night. And yeah feeling the love from them is not so hard.


Before Sunrise